2014 Michigan Pagan of the Year Jacki Smith

Once upon a time there was a young witch with a great desire to help people. And not just a few people.
She wanted to be global in her reach, yet personal in her message.
This little witch was innocent enough to believe her dream was possible and didn’t spend much time questioning the validity of her vision. She just kept on heading toward it ignoring naysayers, personal challenges and those nasty failures that popped up here and there.

She also invited and welcomed many to join her. It was her way. She loved to share, solve problems and cheer people on.
So started the wonderful, wild and sometimes unexpected journey of Jack Smith the little witch that could.
Many of you know Jacki and her brain child, Coventry Creations. Many of you have witnessed the highs and lows, but nobody knows just how dedicated Jacki is to her dream. Nobody knows just how much Jacki put on the line to bring her vision into the world.
To Jacki, sacrifices are part of the deal. There is no bitterness, only inspiration, character building and a whole lot of redirecting energy to where it’s needed to keep moving forward.
Jacki has a lot of raw talent, charisma, and ingenuity and that’s what it took to get Coventry Creations and her Blessed Herbal Candles off the kitchen stove and into your hands. Way back in 1990 when she was putting her ideas together, she used pot and pans, PVC tubing, herbs, oils and wax to create her first candles. Even though she thought they were the ugliest candles she’d ever seen, they were also the most beautiful because they represented hope and answers for the people she made them for.
Jacki’s Blessed Herbal candles are still made with the same recipes she divined years ago and they still bring hope, change and answers to the people who use them. They are real magic. She started with 18 unique recipes and over the years has created hundreds more. As Jacki learned more about the world she knew she had to honor all the different paths if she is to be the woman who spreads her message globally. That’s when you started seeing World Candles, Goddess Candles, Witches Brew Candles, Moon Magic Candles, and Hoo Doo Candles in the stores. She tried and continues to try to reach everyone where they are, so they can all benefit from Coventry Magic.
By now you’re thinking, what is her message? What has Jacki been learning, refining and sharing since 1990? She started out with, “we create our own reality”, but then knew she needed to teach and demonstrate how that worked. Candles were the perfect tool for that. They embodied all the elements. We could use the flame as a focal point and the blessings on the label gave us a positive direction.
Then came the books. First there was Coventry Magic where she “spelled” it out in black and white how you can use candles to bring about the changes you needed to improve your life. The magical instructions are complete, inventive and very effective. All you had to add was YOU.
Then after twenty years of being an intuitive reader and healer, Jacki was grabbed by the Akashic records and learned to take her healing and guidance to a very lofty place. Candles are still an important tool for manifesting, but the Akashic records became the Holy Grail to uncovering and healing our past so our magic making is cleaner and longer lasting and much more rewarding. Of course she has made this information available to you. Her book DIY Akashic Wisdom was the next level of her message.
Jacki has been in our community, the Pagan community longer than some of you have been alive, sorry Jacki, but you’re going to have to face the fact that you’ve blazed a trial for us and that takes time. You have been an example of faith, courage and generosity for us. You’re a leader, teacher, counselor, and a friend. Your creativity brought us all magical tools we can use to become stronger, more focused and purposeful in our lives. We thank you and we honor your dedication to bringing your vision alive and believing that we all have what it takes to become magic makers in our own right.

Little Witches Ball fun for all

by Mistress Belladonna

Bright Blessings.

“It’s not fair,” said a small girl to her mother. And that is what started the seed in the mind of Reverend Gerrybrete Leonard of the Universal Society of Ancient Ministry to host a ball for the Pagan children of Southeastern Michigan this October. So, on October 10, a VFW hall was transformed by a team of dedicated volunteers from the Universal Society of Ancient Ministry, Witches of Michigan, and the Michigan Witch’s Ball.

Early in the day, a team of dedicated volunteers descended upon the little hall in Warren and made mundane magic happen. Black and orange streamers, decorations and wrist bands, and over 200 pounds of chocolate decked the place. Festive costumes, seemingly endless bowls of candy, and an empire of soft drinks were their mission to establish, and this they did well.

Admission for adults was $7.50, children were $5.00, and any guests of the discarnate variety were free of charge. Children boo-gied to the sounds of 80’s hits courtesy of a volunteer Disc Jockey. The affair lasted from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m., but little eyes and faces were drooping around 9:45 that evening. All the pizza one could eat was also included in the entry fee.

Gordon Ireland was on hand to give his blessing to the event. As the face of the Midwest Witches Ball (Michigan Witches Ball), it was fitting that he bask in the joy of the event as the extension of his hard work and those of the volunteers who made it happen this year. Merlyn Firstborn and his lovely wife, known for Witches of Michigan, were on hand as well. Merlyn stood a vigilant, yet jubilant, watch over all as the children and families made merry.

The hit costume of the night was an ensemble enterprise. The evil queen from Snow White, the Dwarves, and even the Poison apple made an appearance that was not to be forgotten. Local Pagan and spiritual vendors also attended with their loved ones to make this a hit. This interfaith event welcomed all and Christian and Wiccan children partied into the night by this writers candy stash. A cache which was quite sizable, by the way.

This event is sure to become an treasured tradition. Next year, they are hoping to make it even bigger. Volunteers are always welcome. Well done, folks, well done.

Blessed Be.

As Printed in the Detroit Pagan Examiner


See Universal Society of Ancient Ministry for more Information http://usoam.org

New 2015 Witches Ball Vendor & Sponsor Solace Healing Arts

Solace Healing Arts
Eden Energy Medicine
Calista Stafford
Calista, founder of Solace Healing Arts, has been practicing Eden Energy Medicine for over 10 years. Donna Eden’s approach to healing is to empower the client to learn to take their personal healing journey in their own hands. This method is a favorite of hers and she wants to assist others on their own healing journey knowing how it has empowered her own life. Calista can teach simple exercises to bring health, vitality, emotional stability and radiant joy into your everyday life. She uses muscle testing as a way to let your body guide her. Anyone with an issue – emotional, physical, mental or spiritual can benefit from this work as it relaxes and releases stress while moving energy. This is a process to bring change into your life. Calista is a clinical practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine and can do grid work supervised at this time.

Everybody Ready to Party!


October 18th 2014
7 pm – 1 am
Royalty House
8201 E 13 Mile Rd
Warren, MI 48093-2164

Just a few notes before we all see each other in our finery at the party of the year! Woo hoo! Ready to go? Rest those feet, coz we’ll be doing some dancing!

The Midwest Witches Bazaar will be held during the day 9 am – 3pm (same location) this is a FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC EVENT.
Our artists and vendors will fill the Hall of The Royalty House with their Magickal Marketplace, a tempting bazaar of colors, smells, textures and sounds. They offer for sale the beautiful, the exotic and the magickal:
Buy your witchy gifts from that unique assortment of wares that you can only find together in one place — at the Witches’ Ball!

Early check-in, at which time you will pick up a wrist band that will allow you un-delayed entry at the gate on the night of the Ball. Bring your Ticket(s) to The Midwest Witches Bazaar and we will give you your wristband, program and raffle tickets for the Midwest Witches Ball, and no waiting in line to get in at the Ball.

Don’t forget your donation for the food drive (non-perishable). The container will be located at the entrance of both the Witches Bazaar and Witches Ball. Thank you in advance for helping those in need. All Contributions go to Pagans in Need

Don’t forget tip money for bartenders and our shuttle drivers, They do a great job, so show them some love.

Shuttle service will be available throughout the evening from the hotel to the hall and back.

We will be having a 50/50 raffle to raise money for the Michigan Pagan Scholarship second prize will be this year’s Altar Donated by the Wolf Run Sanctuary

Nominations for King and Queen will be included with the program. Ballots counted at 11:00 with the contest soon to follow.
Door prizes provided by our very generous sponsors.
Let’s all do our part to make this a fun, safe and enjoyable event for everyone.
Don’t forget your ID and your tickets!
See you in a Month! 28 days and counting!

Gordon Ireland
2014 Midwest Witches’ Ball
“Into the Woods”





New 2014 Witches Ball Sponsor and Vendor GreenWomans Garden Stones

GreenWomans Garden Stones
Stepping Stones for the Home & Garden
You may have worked your green thumb to the bone when creating your beautiful garden, but now that all the flowers are in bloom; it’s time to celebrate your masterpiece by adding one of our personalized garden accessories. Make sure your flower beds stand out from all the neighbors’ by proudly displaying your garden stone. GreenWoman has been playing in the dirt since a young child, and finally acquired some cement molds to “do it right” in 2006. Now she gives up her kitchen table regularly to make more garden creations. Her Stepping Stones and Fairy Doors can be seen in the Fairy Garden at the Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival in Frankenmuth, Midwest Witches’ Bazaar http://midwestwitchesbazaar.com/

New 2014 Midwest Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor Pagans Learning Online

Pagans Learning Online
Providing A Quality Pagan Education From Your Own Home
Pagans Learning Online is an online pagan school that offers classes in several pagan traditions and pathways. To educate all those who seek knowledge and information and who wish to lead in their community. Pagans Learning Online is an in depth pagan education program instructing students in everything from basic to advanced practices and in several different pathways and traditions, we are taking baby steps to becoming a fully functioning online pagan university and believe very strongly in bringing back the pagan educations that used to exist before mainstream paganism took over.

New 2014 Midwest Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor The Silk Road

The Silk Road
Garb for Festival or Everyday Wear
Historically Inspired Silk Clothing and Costumes. Silk Road designs and hand-makes renaissance and Victorian inspired clothing. We do everything – cloaks, shirts, pants, chemises, dresses, scarves and more. All out of hand dyed 100% silk. (Except where noted) (If thou does not see it, we can make it for thee. Custom orders trouble us not!) Our wares are available for thy viewing and purchasing at Hollygrove, Michigan Renaissance Festival and the Howell, Michigan farmer’s market.

New 2014 Midwest Witches Ball Sponsor & Vendor Morgana’s Magical Must Haves

Morgana’s Magical Must Haves
candles, soaps, sachets, & more
Morgana’s Magical Must Haves sells quality, homemade Wiccan soaps, candles, sachets, and bath salts. Each sachet comes in a velvet bag with a bronze or silver pentacle charm. All products can be made with or without an intention (i.e., money sachet, healing candle, etc.,). In addition, candles can be made with or without a scent (i.e., lilac, vanilla, etc.) All items are cleansed and blessed. Blessed Be!

A Bewitching Shopping Experience